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I read one tutorial about CUDA on this link.

In this tutorial, It calls "CUDA Device". What is a "CUDA Device"? Is every GPU is a "CUDA Device" and vice verse ?? if not, please name one "CUDA Device"

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A "CUDA device" is a single unit device that can support CUDA. In theory it can be anything; I am surprised that there are no efficient CUDA-on-CPU drivers yet :( However, currently, the only devices that do so are NVIDIA GPUs starting from GF8000 series.

Do note however, that dual-cards (e.g. GTX690) provide two CUDA devices.

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CUDA devices are nVidia devices that supports CUDA. Not every GPU is a CUDA device. I don't know if every CUDA device is a GPU, it might be, or not. AMD GPUs for example do not support CUDA, but they support OpenCL.

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CUDA device means CUDA-enabled devices. It can be a CUDA-enabled GPU also or some other device. For more information on CUDA devices go to this:

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