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I have some problems with colors in my barplot. I have a 4x4 matrix "allmat":

          A             B           C         D
L   0.10260     0.0215700   3.017e-01   0.06917

F   0.09840     0.0206900   2.009e-01   0.11450

M   0.14100     0.0065630   3.252e-01   0.35050

G   0.02121     0.0006811   5.454e-06   0.13810

To plot the columns in one graph I use:


What I get is that every row has the same color, but I want the columns be of the same color. How do I do that?



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You can actually assign a color to each bar individually.

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As usually, I completely forgot about "rep". Thank you very much. –  eugenego Aug 24 '12 at 13:24
col could also be col = rep(c('red', 'black', 'green', 'blue'), each=4) this avoid writing rep('Color.Name', 4) each time. –  Jilber Aug 24 '12 at 18:56

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