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So lets say my chatsDB is filled with this data:

{_id: "39e92f36-5d0f-44b7-8948-89be9b85bd08", fromPerson: "John Smith", toPerson: "Bob Smith", message: "Hey Buddy"}
{_id: "39e92f36-5d0f-44b7-8948-89be9b85bd08", fromPerson: "John Smith", toPerson: "Joe Smith", message: "Hi how you doing"}
{_id: "39e92f36-5d0f-44b7-8948-89be9b85bd08", fromPerson: "Tom Smith", toPerson: "Bob Smith", message: "Hello Again!"}
{_id: "39e92f36-5d0f-44b7-8948-89be9b85bd08", fromPerson: "Bob Smith", toPerson: "John Smith", message: "Hello Again!"}

I want to return a unique set of results from querying this mongoDB. How do I do this?

For example in SQL+php:

Select fromPerson Distinct from chatsDB;

My thought right now is to render the template with a list of from and to people to get a "chatUserList" of the people a user has spoken with.

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MongoDB has a distinct() command which does exactly what you're after in this case.

Example finding distinct senders for all chats:

> db.chatsDB.distinct('fromPerson');
[ "John Smith", "Tom Smith", "Bob Smith" ]

Example using a query filter to find unique people sending messages to 'John Smith':

> db.chatsDB.distinct('fromPerson', { toPerson: 'John Smith'});
[ "Bob Smith" ]

If this is going to be a common query type for your application, you should add appropriate indexes .. for example, on fromPerson or (fromPerson, toPerson).

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but I am using meteor and the collections with meteor, to my understanding don't allow you to do db.chatsDB. anything... For example I have: Messages = new Meteor.Collection('messages'); then I would call Messages.find(); – user1596798 Aug 24 '12 at 10:43
I have the same problem trying to run a distinct on Meteor. Javascript console says <collection>.distinct is not a function. So i guess it's not supported in Meteor? – Poliquin Dec 14 '12 at 17:18
Turns out that Meteor does not yet have helpers for MongoDB's distinct() or aggregate() features :(. A more relevant answer with a distinct function prototype is: StackOverflow: mongodb distinct() implementation in Meteor on the server. This is based off a pull request for aggregate() that appears to have been closed but not merged. – Stennie Apr 7 '13 at 7:20
The solution makes not mention of Meteor. – PETER BROWN Oct 9 '13 at 3:49

Take a look at the mongodb documentation at this page. It describes how to create a distinct query.

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