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I want to make a template like something $NAME$ other $LOWNAME$ so that when I use it, I'm taken to $NAME$ input list and $LOWNAME$ is automatically filled with decapitalized value of $NAME$ I input. For example, I print "Client" to $NAME$ and the value of $LOWNAME$ is "client". Is this possible?

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If by "decapitalizing" you mean to lower case only first letter then YES, otherwise No (as there is no function for lower casing all characters).

  1. Template: something $NAME$ other $LOWNAME$
  2. Click on "Edit variables" button
  3. In "Expression" column for "LOWNAME" variable enter this: decapitalize(NAME) and tick/check "Skip if defined" box

Now when template will be expanded, and if you enter "CapitalShip" for $NAME$ variable, the $LOWNAME$ will automatically become "capitalShip"


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Thanks. I was trying the same thing with decapitalize($NAME$) - it silently didn't work –  Fluffy Aug 24 '12 at 11:05

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