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I have i question about the order of Views rows. This is the situation:

    Name 1
    Name 2
    Name 3

    Name 1
    Name 4
    Name 5

The names are instances of content type 'employee'. Dept. is a taxonomy term used in 'employee'.

I'm trying to setup a custom order on the grouped rows (dept.). Views makes it very hard to achieve this.

The best answer so far is this one (adding relationship 'taxonomy on node' - sort on 'weight', but this gives duplicate results. I tried enabling 'distinct' in the query options, but no result.

Anyone who knows what the problem might be?

UPDATE: so I figured out what the problem is. When you add the relationship:

"Remember that every term found will create a new record, so this relationship is best used on just one vocabulary that has only one term per node."

How can you prevent this?

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