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Is there a way in vim to read a file, like with :r, and then store it in some register? and is there a way to do the same, but only with the lines in the file that matches some pattern?

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Answers can be of a better quality when you tell us what you intend to achieve, not just ask about a technical detail out of context. –  Ingo Karkat Aug 24 '12 at 11:59

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Using external grep, you could do:

:let @x = system('grep pattern filename')

to place only the lines matching pattern from file filename in register x.

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Try this:

:let @x = join(readfile("~/.vimrc"), "\n")

It will read .vimrc to register x.

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You can create a new buffer with :new, read the file :r <filename>, yank the entire file for a register (say, x) with gg"xyG", and delete the buffer with :q!. If you intend to perform this actions several times you can create a mapping for it.

To do the same with lines that matches a pattern, you can peform a global command (:h :g) before performing the copy to the register.

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