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I am trying to write a bash script which will "cd .." until either a directory is found containing another specific directory, or the "/" directory is reached.

What I'm trying to achieve is something like:

while test -d REQUIRED_DIR || [[ "$PWD" != "/" ]];do cd ..; done

The goal is to find the REQUIRED_DIR or stop navigating when the root directory is reached.

Below is the bash code which does not work.

while if [ "$PWD"=="/" ];then echo $PWD;false;else true;fi
        cd ..
        #echo `pwd`

The if condition always passes even when not inside root directory.

UPDATE:- the "if" works as expected when i leave space b/w the "==" sign like this [ "$PWD" == "/" ].

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while if is a new one on me, I'm not sure entirely what you're trying to achieve by combining them.

I think you may want to just try while on it's own:

while [[ "$PWD" != "/" ]] ; do
    cd ..

or you could just try the much simpler:

cd /

If, as indicated in your comment, you need to do it piecemeal so that you either end up in the first directory containing a $REQUIRED_DIR or / if you don't find one, you can simply do something like:

while [[ "$PWD" != "/" ]] ; do
    if [[ -d "$REQUIRED_DIR" ]] ; then
    cd ..
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thanks, "while if" is actually a "while EXPRESSION" kind of, so based on the truth value of "if" expression the while decides to continue or quit. I can not use "cd /", because my goal is not to move to "/" dir, actually i want to write a script like "while test -d REQUIRED_DIR || [[ "$PWD" != "/" ]];do cd ..; done". The goal is to find the REQUIRED_DIR and navigating till the root directory is reached. –  Talespin_Kit Aug 24 '12 at 11:37
@Talespin_Kit, you might have mentioned that in the original question :-) Check out the update for a solution to that problem. –  paxdiablo Aug 24 '12 at 11:53
@paxdialbo right, done :) –  Talespin_Kit Aug 24 '12 at 11:57

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