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I have to download a file which is in remote location using SFTP on clicking a hyperlink . Am using JBOSS 5.1 as my Server and using struts2. I have implemented the below code and i found out the receiveBody() of the ConsumerTemplate is coming as null ? Can any one please guide me to the above issue ?

Code :

CamelContext ctx = new DefaultCamelContext();
                ConsumerTemplate consumer = ctx.createConsumerTemplate();
                String camel_ftp_uri = MessageFormat.format(CAMEL_FTP_PATTERN, ftp_mode, ftp_user, ftp_address, ftp_dir, ftp_options);
                System.out.println("camel_ftp_uri ::: "+camel_ftp_uri);

                Object obj= consumer.receiveBody(camel_ftp_uri);
                System.out.println("obj  ::"+obj);

when am printing the camel_ftp_uri am getting :camel_ftp_uri :::


I refered the below link in SOF :

Java: What is the best way to SFTP a file from a server

Thanks in Advance

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This isn't a question, it's a "do my work for me" request. What have you already tried, and what problems have you run into? –  Omaha Aug 24 '12 at 11:31
@Omaha Thank you for your kind consideration . I have clearly mentioned am new to SFTP and am not getting what they mentioned in the link given –  Esh Aug 24 '12 at 11:34
Have a read of serverfault.com/questions/176149/… and see if that helps –  Anthony Palmer Aug 24 '12 at 11:37

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The Camel FTP component you have to configure the ftp uri with a starting directory, and then provide the file name to download as a seperate parameter. What you do wrong is that the starting directory is the file name.



Should be changed to

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