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Is it possible to retrieve the custom properties (see here for all the order's line items within the Order API?

I need to create a custom report for all orders, but they rely on displaying these properties.

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Line item properties are exposed by default through the Order API where they exist. Here's an example line-items XML snippet, notice the 'Monogram' property at the bottom:

<line-items type="array">
    <id type="integer">223039148</id>
    <requires-shipping type="boolean">true</requires-shipping>
    <grams type="integer">0</grams>
    <price type="decimal">9.99</price>
    <quantity type="integer">1</quantity>
    <title>All the Tests</title>
    <product-id type="integer">90620559</product-id>
    <variant-id type="integer">212221205</variant-id>
    <variant-title nil="true"/>
    <fulfillment-status nil="true"/>
    <name>All the Tests</name>
    <properties type="array">

Note that the properties array will be absent if it's empty, so make sure you cater for that in your code.

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Excellent. Thanks for that. I could have been less lazy and tested it myself, but that would have involved modifying with the Cart API. So much appreciated. – joecritch Aug 24 '12 at 16:57

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