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I have a RouteLink constructed like so

<p class="articleLink">
    @MvcHelper.Html.RouteLink(article.Title, "Article_Route", new RouteValueDictionary() { { "articleId", article.Id }, { "seoUrl", article.SeoUrl } }))

However, article.Title could potentially contain HTML i.e. the value could be <em>Sample</em> Title which in turn gets rendered like so

<a href="/Article/111111/Sample-Title">&lt;em&gt;Sample&lt;/em&gt; Title</a>

Is there any way to prevent the HTML from being escaped, and instead to be treated as actual HTML? Or do I need to create a standard HTML <a href... link in this case (thus losing all the niceties associated with the RouteLink helper).

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If you want HTML inside your anchor don't use the Html.RouteLink (because it will HTML encode the link text by default as you noticed) instead of build your a tag by hand with using Url.RouteUrl to generate the url:

<p class="articleLink">
    <a href="@(Url.RouteUrl("Article_Route",
                   new RouteValueDictionary() 
                      { { "articleId", article.Id }, 
                        { "seoUrl", article.SeoUrl } }))">

Or you can create your own non encoding RouteLink helper.

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Perfect - thank you so much! – MichaelS Aug 24 '12 at 11:51

You can use HtmlHelper.Raw(). Having said that, it is probably not a good idea to keep any HTML in your model/view model, which is against the principle of separation of model and presentation, also a security hazard.

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That is a totally different Helper method. – MichaelS Aug 24 '12 at 11:45

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