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This is my page source :

    <p><span id="1">word</span> <span id="2">word</span> </p>
    <div><span id="3">word</span> <span id="4">word</span></div>
        <li><span id="5">word</span> <span id="6">word</span></li>
    <p><span id="7">word</span> <span id="8">word</span> <strong><span id="9">word</span></strong> </p>

I want to highlight(apply a new class) user selected spans and get it id's.

I can get user selected content through window.getSelection().But i don't know how to get selected text nodes.

Thanks in advance, Logan

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The window.getSelection() returns a selection object (ref) that includes the start (anchorNode) and end (extentNode). So based on the HTML you provided - with the ID's modified to not using only numbers (ref) - here is a demo. Click on any word, or select a group of words to see them get the "red" class name.

Modified HTML

    <p><span id="s1">word1</span> <span id="s2">word2</span> </p>
    <div><span id="s3">word3</span> <span id="s4">word4</span></div>
        <li><span id="s5">word5</span> <span id="s6">word6</span></li>
    <p><span id="s7">word7</span> <span id="s8">word8</span> <strong><span id="s9">word9</span></strong> </p>


$('div').bind('mouseup', function(){

    var i,
        s = window.getSelection(),
        // get ID of starting node
        start = parseInt(( || '').substring(1), 10),
        // get ID of end node
        end = parseInt(( || '').substring(1), 10),
        // start gathering spans
        spans = $('#s' + start);

    // remove selected class

    // add each span
    for (i = start; i <= end; i++) {
        spans = spans.add( $('#s' + i) );

    // add selected class


​ ​

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It is not working in firebox. – LoganPHP Aug 25 '12 at 5:10
In firefox, you need to change .extentNode to .focusNode. – MjrKusanagi Mar 28 '14 at 15:02

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