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Here is part of code implementation in parent class:

handler.FooUpdateDelegate += FooUpdate(OnFooUpdate);
protected abstract void OnFooUpdate(ref IBoo boo, string s);

I have in test method mocked handler:

Mock<IHandler> mHandler = mockFactory.Create<IHandler>();


mHandler.Raise(x => x.FooUpdateDelegate += null, boo, s); not working. It says:

System.ArgumentException : Could not locate event for attach or detach method Void set_FooUpdateDelegate(FooUpdate).

I want to raise OnFooUpdate so it triggers the code to be tested in child class.

Question: How can I raise delegate (not common event handler) with Moq?

If I missed the point completely, please enligten me.

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It looks like you are trying to raise a delegate rather than an event. Is this so?

Is your code along the lines of this?

public delegate void FooUpdateDelegate(ref int first, string second);

public class MyClass {
    public FooUpdateDelegate FooUpdateDelegate { get; set; }

public class MyWrapperClass {

    public MyWrapperClass(MyClass myclass) {
        myclass.FooUpdateDelegate += HandleFooUpdate;

    public string Output { get; private set; }

    private void HandleFooUpdate(ref int i, string s) {
            Output = s;


If so, then you can directly invoke the myClass FooUpdateDelegate like so

public void MockingNonStandardDelegate() {

    var mockMyClass = new Mock<MyClass>();
    var wrapper = new MyWrapperClass(mockMyClass.Object);

    int z = 19;
    mockMyClass.Object.FooUpdateDelegate(ref z, "ABC");

    Assert.AreEqual("ABC", wrapper.Output);

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