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In VS2012 RC, I noticed that the test list editor, tests view and test lists are absent.

I have an ordered test list - how do I run this within VS2012?

Normally, I would go to the test view, select the ordered test list, and run it.

But without the test view, what do I do?

From the new Test Explorer window, all the tests appear in the 'Not Run' section. When I attempt to run the test associated with the ordered test list, I get this error:

An exception occurred while invoking executor 'executor://orderedtestadapter/v1': Cannot find the test 'PhaseOneAdminLogonTest' with storage '..\bin\debug\codeduisanity.dll'.

Is there any way around this?

I was hoping to be able to start automating my tests using VS2012.

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Looks like when projects are upgraded from VS2010, the ordered test lists aren't upgraded too. I created a new ordered test list, and added the same items, then the tests worked.

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Man, you saved my day! The problem is still there on GA version as well. I hit it in Load Tests. Load test mix was not upgraded, so I had to delete all tests from mix, add it back and it worked. Thanks! –  user978511 Sep 24 '12 at 11:17
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