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Is there any meaning to it?

public static function a(){



private static function _b(){


static here is same as self in any situation, because you cannot override a private function in the child class, right?

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1) You can not override static method/function (it is hiding, not overriding). I am not with you on your statement "static here is same as self", what did you mean? To me your static::_b(); looks like a local method hiding externally defined function _b() –  Germann Arlington Aug 24 '12 at 12:18

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As Germann Arlington said in the comment. A subclass can have it's own implementation of _b() - even with a different visibility.

class Foo {
    public static function a() { static::_b(); }
    private static function _b() { echo 'Foo'; }

class FooEx extends Foo {
    public static function _b() { echo 'FooEx'; }


prints FooEx

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For some bizarre reason I have always just assumed that you cannot override (or hide, whatever) static methods. Every day's a school day. +1 –  DaveRandom Aug 24 '12 at 12:35

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