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I'm trying to build an Android app where I would like to display some Buttons in various places, as in the demo image attached.
The challenge here is creating the custom buttons and arranging them.
As for the custom Buttons, I guess I could achieve that using CustomViews or a simple button with a Custom Drawable as Background.
Are these the right points to start, any other ideas?
On arranging them, I have no clue how to achieve that.

enter image description here

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relative layout is best for arranging the buttions. – Ashwin N Bhanushali Aug 24 '12 at 12:08
I've found that the best way to make custom buttons is to create your own styles and then set the appropriate style for each button. As Android_Crazy said, RelativeLayout is best for arranging multiple UI widgets, though it could be achieved using AbsoluteLayout. This layout is deprecated and use of it is discouraged, however, because it usually doesn't scale well to different screen sizes. – Closeratio Aug 24 '12 at 12:14
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As Android_Crazy and Closeratio have already said, a RelativeLayout is the most suitable option for custom placement of buttons in general. However, for the exact placement of buttons pictured in your example, a LinearLayout would work just fine.

In a LinearLayout you may place views under or above eachother (with android:orientation = "vertical", relevant for your example) or next to each other (android:orientation = "horizontal"). You can also add margin to your views to alter the horizontal position (layout_marginLeft or layout_marginRight) or the vertical position (layout_marginTop or layout_marginBottom).

As for the buttons' appearance, I always use custom background drawables, usually with a custom xml to add a different drawable for when the button is being pressed or selected.

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