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I have the following XML


I am trying to parse the XML so that each different 'ZoneInfo' attributes is a hash in an array.


Zones[0] = Hash[Id => 32, Name => lobby, NId => ssdfrgfdfg]

Zones[1] = Hash[Id => 33, Name => conf, NId => sdfsfewr232f] etc...

My limited XML parsing knowledge has come a croper. All I really know is how to extract a single element. E.g.

doc =
doc.elements.each("CallResult/Success") do |ele|
  p ele.text;

Could someone help with some more info on how to loop through just extracting info from each 'ZoneInfo' element?


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I use another gem 'nokogiri', maybe the best gem to parse HTML/XML now.

require 'nokogiri'

str = "<CallResult> ......"
doc = Nokogiri.XML(str)
Zones = []
doc.xpath('//ZoneInfo').each do |zone|
  Zones << { "Id" => zone.xpath('Id').text, "Name" => zone.xpath('Name').text, "NId" => zone.xpath("NId").text}
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Worked a treat. Thanks! – user1074981 Aug 28 '12 at 15:44

You just need to use nori gem

require 'nori'
your_hash = Nori.parse(your_xml)

And then it should be straightforward to convert this nested hash to an array of hashes if you need to store your data that way.

If you need more info, api doc is here -

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