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I have already experiences in devoloping android apps and i am working on a new android application. But I have several problems to build a concept for this new application. So I really hope that you share some of your experiences with me...

My android app should be like a little community where people have there own profil and can exchange messages or other things like pictures and so on with each other. (It is like an empty room where the user can leave something interesting which other people can have a look on). But what do I need for this?

I already thought that the people have to register and log in (username and password) - but where should I save the user informations and what about the security?

How do I have to handle the things which the users upload to the community? And where can I save additional user informations?

I guess that I need a server for doing all those operations (with a database and special structures?!). But I have never worked with something like that before. So what are the things I have to care for and who can give me some advise for planing my app?

Thank you very much for every help. This project is very important and i am very thankful for every idea and advice!

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The easiest solution these days if you don't wish to go through the hassle of creating your own online database (this will require knowledge of MySQL/SQL and PHP), or do user authentication is to use BaaS or Backend-as-a-Service platforms like the ones I'll suggest below. Basically, these services allow you to, in some sense, abstract away the creating of a backend (which is real pain btw) and make it easy for beginning developers to concentrate on building their app instead of figuring out how to work with databases. In short, it takes away this issue that you raised yourself "I guess that I need a server for doing all those operations (with a database and special structures?!)", you won't need a server for doing those things. For example, here's the code that you need for user authentication using Parse:

ParseUser user = new ParseUser();

user.signUpInBackground(new SignUpCallback() {
public void done(ParseException e) {
    if (e == null) {
        // Hooray! Let them use the app now.
    } else {
        // Sign up didn't succeed

That's it, if you were to use your own backend you would have to worry about things like security, hashing passwords and usernames (perhaps even salting them).

I suggest that you use a Backend-as-a-Service platform like Parse (which has an excellent freemium model), CloudMine (another great service but with tight limitations on the freemium model i.e only 500 free users/month) or Kinvey (which markets itself as the first BaaS platform, I don't have much information about it but it's definitely worth a look).

Now, if you wish to store images or videos then you can use a service like Amazon S3. They have a very simple, easy-to-use Android SDK. It's perfect for your idea because S3 lets you create 'buckets' where you can store your data. Now, essentially, this means you can you create buckets for letting your users share some data as you said in your question.

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