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In my Java program, I am using a command line library to fork a Java process. This fails (depending on how the program is used) when the file path of the JAR file that I pass in the java.exe -jar call exceeds the 260 character path length limit of Windows. (The error message is Error: Unable to access jarfile followed by the path name.) I can make the Java call work by (manually) adding a \\?\ prefix to the JAR file name. This solves the one particular problem instance, but is this generally the right approach?

Should I expect Windows programs to correctly handle long paths passed as command line arguments, - or - is it the caller's responsibility to detect long paths and to add the \\?\ prefix?

Or less general: Is there a bug in the java.exe or in the command line library?

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Most programs will simply take the filename and pass it as-is to an API function, like CreateFile(). So in that case, it would indeed be the caller's responsibility to detect a long filename and prefix it accordingly before passing it around.

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