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I am trying to perform a Excel-based tool for my personal bank account. I have imported some bank operations in a sheet Import with 3 columns (Date, Information, Amount). I would like to compare a each line in Import to a collection already established in another sheet Data.

I have created a function to test (according to the date then the information if necessary and then again the amount if necessary) each line and return 0 if the operation is not present in the data collection and the row number within the data collection.

Function CompareRows(SingleRng As Range, CollectionRange As Range) As Integer
    'SingleRange : Date / Info / amount in on line
    'CollectionRange : Date / info / amount / ....(others) on many rows
    'Return 0 if SingleRng is not in CollectionRange, row number of data 
                                                  'collection if present.

    Dim row As Range
    For Each row In CollectionRange
        MsgBox row.Value

       ' If SingleRng(1, 1) = Rng_1(1, 1).Value Then
       '     CompareRows = irw
       ' Else
       '     irw = irw + 1
       ' End If
End Function

This function will be looped for each line in the Import sheet, but I can't loop on each date element first. This loop is run on each element of the CollectionRange. I tried to do For Each row In CollectionRange.Rows, but the MsgBox after does not work. How can I make this loop on each row?

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For looping over a range of rows For Each row In CollectionRange.Rows is correct.

The reason MsgBox row.Value then doesn't work is row.Value is an array. To see one of the values in the array use something like row.Cells(1,1).Value

That said, be aware that looping over a range like this can be quite slow. If your are not satisfied with the performance of your code, there are alternatives such as AutoFilter, Find and Variant Arrays

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