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I Have Window 7 as Host Machine and I have installed Redhat 5.3 and Centos 5.4 as Vmware Machines under Window 7 through Vmware Workestation.I configure DNS & DHCP in Redhat 5.3( and able to do nslookup & DIG in this.I am able to ping window 7,redhat,centos with each other.

I have made one entry client30.example.com for ip in forword and backword lookup file in DNS server(

Problem :-

Centos whom i have made dhcp client of Redhat( is able to get ip from dhcp server and it gets ip (as i wanted no problem till now) But Centos is not picking up hostanme client30.example.com as i have bind entry of ip with client30.example.com. Still it is picking up hostname localhost.localdomain. I check /etc/resolve.conf file of centos and i found that by default it picks nameserver i have not provided this ip anywhere).Everytime i made manual change in this ip again it pics same ip on reboot.

Kindly help how i can resolve this problem.

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Friends kindly help please –  Deepak Narwal Aug 24 '12 at 14:13

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Because VMware Workstation is itself DHCP. Please disable DHCP in VMware Workstation, You can't run two DHCP in single network subnet.

Also check /etc/sysconfig/network file, Hostname coming from there.

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I have connected BOth Virtual Machine(Redhat & Centos) in VMNet8(NAT) with Window HOst.I have already disabled DHCP in Vmware(From Network Editor) but stil facing same problem..Still i am not getting why client is not picking name(client30) from nameserver( althought it is picking up ip form dhcpserver..I checked Network file of nameserver( and it have HOSTNAME=server.example.com.I also check this file of my client( & it have hostname=Localhost.localdimain..I dont want to moditfy this hostname manully as i want that this hostname my client should pick from namserver –  Deepak Narwal Aug 24 '12 at 14:45
I think sir u misunderstood my questn.Client( is able to get IP from dhcpserver( but it is not picking up name (root@client30) from nameserver.I have mapped name client30.example.com with IP –  Deepak Narwal Aug 24 '12 at 15:02
Post your config of DHCP –  Satish Aug 24 '12 at 15:22
Also try get-lease-hostnames yes option in DHCP. Generally when you reboot client it should pick hostname from DHCP. –  Satish Aug 24 '12 at 15:39

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