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I want to disable one specific row in datagrid in following manner:

1) Highlight one row with a different color

2) Disable checkbox/radio button selection of that row

3) Disable inline editing of cells present in that row but allow inline editing for other rows.

Pls. help if you have any ideas.

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Program it, there's no way around it as its all non-implemented features. Check these for some hacks…… I would say 1: use CSS 2: define your own cellType base it on checkbox with custom events 3: define own default cellType and override cell.formatEditing(inDatum, inRowIndex) on all the cells that needs a disable (editable in layout is columnbased not rowbased) – mschr Aug 27 '12 at 18:17
The problem is that there is no unique id defined to grid rows in dojo. Else I could have easily applied some customization to that particular row. – Sandeep Aug 28 '12 at 4:09
how do you know which row you need manipulated? by store-item? by index? – mschr Aug 28 '12 at 14:37
I want to disable rows by store item having specific data. – Sandeep Aug 29 '12 at 14:31
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You can use a combination of the following functions to extract stuff

// as example, one of youre items uses identifier:'id' and 'id:10'
var identifier = '10'; 
var item = store._arrayOfTopLevelItems[10]; // you probably have this allready
var index = grid.getItemIndex(item);   // find which index it has in grid
var rowNode = grid.getRowNode(index);  // find a DOM element at that index

You will have the <div> as rowNode, it contains a table with cells (as many as you got columns). Set its background-color

The checkbox thing, you will prly know which cell-index it has

var cellNode = dojo.query('td[idx='+cellIndex+']', rowNode)[0];
// with cellType Bool, td contains an input
var checkbox = cellNode.firstChild;

Editing is another store really.. works in focus handlers. To override it, you must keep like an array of rows which you dont want editable (allthough the cell.editable == true).

function inarray(arr, testVal) {
    return dojo.some(arr, function(val) { return val == testVal }).length > 0
grid.setNonEditable = function (rowIndex) {
    if(! inarray(this.nonEditable,rowIndex) ) 
grid.setEditable = function (rowIndex) {
    this.nonEditable = dojo.filter(this.nonEditable, function(val) { return val != rowIndex; });
var originalApply = grid.onApplyEdit
grid.onApplyEdit = function(inValue, inRowIndex) {
   if(! inarray(this.nonEditable,inRowIndex) )
        originalApply.apply(this, arguments);
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If you are using dojox.grid.DataGrid you can use canEdit function to disable row editing or cell editing :

grid = new dojox.grid.DataGrid({
    canEdit: function(inCell, inRowIndex) {
        var item = this.getItem(inRowIndex);
        var value =, "name");
        return value == null; // allow edit if value is null
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