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I have an app server and elasticsearch on another.

I setup a search roles as follows:

role :search, 'search.server.com', :no_release => true

I have 3 different stages - prod, stage, experiment

I want all commmands to run on the app server, except a couple on the elasticsearch server.

It seems I have to add :except => { :no_release => true } on all my tasks to get this functionality.

Is there an alternative?

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You can set up multiple roles and specify the no_release on the ones that's needed. Tasks can be run for the specified roles only, example:

role :search, "ex.com", :no_release => true
role :app, "ex.com"

task :run_for_both, :roles => [:app, :search] do
  run "echo 'my command'"

task :run_on_app, :roles => :app, :search do
  run "echo 'my command on app role'"
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