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I'm not sure if its already been done but I am trying to implement Codeigniter validation rules to 'hook' into the jQuery Tabs UI for a backend I'm producing.

Does anyone know if somebody has already achieved this - it would be nice for the form validation to indicate a particular tab has errors on the tab with the form submission.

Can anyone suggest any ideas? Thanks

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This would very simple to achieve, say you have a tab with 3 fields (field1, field2 and field3) you would writhe something like this:

 <div id="tabs">
    <li <?=form_error(field_1) || form_error(field_2) || form_error(field_3) ? 'class="error"' : ''?>><a href="#tab-n">Tab with errors</a></li>
  <div id="tab-n">

And then style the tab(s) with the .error to give a visual clue that it contains errors.

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