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I have a custom collection let's say

    prop Name;
    prop Address;
    prop isRequired;

MyCustomCollection : List<MyClass>


When I do

MyCustomCollection collection = new  MyCustomCollection ();
datagridView.DataSource = collection;

The datagridview is populated with three columns Name, address , isRequired..

I want to hide isRequired property from the datagrid view how can i do that...

and also I want to use it as a property to check in another classes...

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Or you can set the visible property of the column to false. For each set of business data I want to display, I keep track of the # of leftmost-columns I want hidden because they hold PK values. Here's a sample:

    	dgvDisplaySet.DataSource = _setSource
	gridColsToHide = _displaySet.hidePKFields
	For gridCol = 0 To dgvDisplaySet.Columns.Count - 1
		dgvDisplaySet.Columns(gridCol).Visible = (gridCol >= gridColsToHide)
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I used [Browsable(false)]

MyClass {
prop Name; prop Address; [Browsable(false)] prop isRequired; } to hide the column

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the Browsable attribute is a good option indeed. You could also set AutoGenerateColumns to false and create the columns manually...

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Thanks for suggesting another option Thomas. Thomas, is there is any way so that I can make particular rows read only . If suppose I want to make those rows read only whose IsRequired property is false in MyClass –  Ashish Ashu Jul 31 '09 at 8:30
There is a way to do this, by handling the CellBeginEdit event. In the handler, you check whether the row can be edited, and cancel the event (e.Cancel = true) if it can't –  Thomas Levesque Jul 31 '09 at 10:30

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