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I have a managed DLL (written in C++/CLI) that contains a class used by a C# executable. In the constructor of the class, I need to get access to the full path of the executable referencing the DLL. In the actual app I know I can use the Application object to do this, but how can I do it from a managed DLL?

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Depending on your need.

Then use Location or CodeBase property (I never remember which one).

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Use the CodeBase property after calling one of these methods. –  dgvid Sep 23 '08 at 13:58

@leppie: Thanks - that was the pointer I needed.

For future reference, in C++/CLI this is the actual syntax that works:

String^ appPathString = Assembly::GetEntryAssembly()->Location;

GetExecutingAssembly() provided the name of the DLL

GetCallingAssembly() returned something like System.Windows.Forms

GetEntryAssembly returned the full path, similar to GetModulePath() under Win32.

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Thanks for giving the details for each. It saved me some googling! –  Gabriel Sep 13 '12 at 18:55

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