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I have a normal GridView, that displays grouped data. My goal is to move the header (a button) from the top of the group to the left of the group.

            <VirtualizingStackPanel Orientation="Horizontal"/>

                        <Button Content="{Binding Title}"/>
                    <VariableSizedWrapGrid ItemWidth="240" ItemHeight="160" Orientation="Vertical" Margin="0,0,80,0"/>

        <!-- item template -->

An answer to this question Grouping GridView in Windows 8 Metro App - while not completely the same desired layout - says that the desired layout is not possible without adding an extra "dummy tile".

I'm wondering if it is possible to achieve my goal - to move the header from the top of the group to the left of the group - without such an extra "dummy tile".

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You need to edit the header container style. In Visual Studio, right-click the GridView and select

Edit Group Style -> Edit Generated Item Container (Container Style) -> Edit a Copy

You will see the Group Header, which is a Content Control, and the Group Items, which are an ItemsControl. Both are contained inside a grid that, in the default, is simple two rows. You can add a column, move the Group Header into Grid.Column=0 & Grid.Row=1 and you should be good to go.

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