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I have created a C++ Custom Action DLL. I have an msi that calld from the DLL but the DLL is not included in the MSI, It is in the same location as it.

I use the following to get the location of the MSI:

TCHAR* szValueBuf = NULL;
DWORD cchValueBuf = 0;
UINT uiStat =  MsiGetProperty(hInstall, TEXT("OriginalDatabase"), TEXT(""), &cchValueBuf);

if (ERROR_MORE_DATA == uiStat)
    szValueBuf = new TCHAR[cchValueBuf];
    if (szValueBuf)
        uiStat = MsiGetProperty(hInstall, TEXT("OriginalDatabase"), szValueBuf, &cchValueBuf);
if (ERROR_SUCCESS != uiStat)
    if (szValueBuf != NULL) 
        delete[] szValueBuf;

This works great and gets me the full path, However the path has the name of the MSI at the end and I need to remove this to put in the name of my DLL or is there another way?

I have tried:

std::string s = "NPath";

int pos = s.find_last_of("\\");
s.erase(0, pos + 1);
s.erase(s.length() - 4, 4);

But i'm getting this error:

error C2894: templates cannot be declared to have 'C' linkage


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Use C or C++ string functions to remove all characters back to the last slash or back-slash. Then append your DLL name.

If you wish to get fancier you could use the C++ library Boost::Filesystem.

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Hi, i've edited my question above, can you help any more please? –  Natalie Carr Aug 27 '12 at 8:58
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I worked it out:

 char * pch;
 pch = strstr (szValueBuf,"ServerSetup.msi");
 strncpy (pch,"product.ini",15);
 puts (szValueBuf);
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