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When I do this in jQuery and li.notsuchelem don't exist


it works fine

But when I do same thing in Prototype it gives me an error


>TypeError: $$('li.notsuchelem').up is not a function

how can I make beautiful code from this:

if ($$('li.notsuchelem').length) $$('li.notsuchelem').up('div');


var tmp;
if ((tmp = $$('li.notsuchelem')).length) tmp.up('div');



All is looks ugly to me in opposite to jQuery way. Is there something I can do with it or I just must deal with it?

well, I think I will accept the answer, but either I'm coding wrong or I just don't like Prototype


$('.ss_new:not(.force_visible)', wrapper).closest('tr').hide();

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I think it goes like this in prototypejs.

$$(".test").invoke("up", "div");
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it seems like what i wanted, need to check docs for invoke. something like with each, but shorter and better looking – llamerr Aug 24 '12 at 15:21

Instead of length, you can coerce the returned array into a number. Moreover, you can use the side-effects of the logical AND (&&) operator.

+$$('li.notsuchelem') && $$('li.notsuchelem').up('div');
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well, it's almost same as if ($$('li.notsuchelem').length) $$('li.notsuchelem').up('div');. little shorter. but i still call search twice and use some kind of if – llamerr Aug 24 '12 at 15:18

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