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I am very new to iPhone development and also I am looking to work with the PhoneGap framework to create iPhone apps. I have created HTML, JavaScript in my PhoneGap project. I got this error:

 "error: /VERSION: No such file or directory"

when running it in XCode 4.3 after installing Phonegap 2.0 on my Mac.

I have searched Google to solve this error, but I can't find any idea from there. Could you please help me to solve this issue. Thanks in advance. Looking forward your answers.

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The VERSION file reference is missing in the "Resources" group. For me, it was because I hadn't installed PhoneGap yet and thus the CordovaLib project was missing (if it doesn't work after installing PhoneGap from the dmg file, reboot your Mac).

If you deleted the VERSION file like I said in my previously wrong answer, compilation works but then the application throws an "error attempt to insert nil value (key: cordova)" (but HTML displays correctly). Add back the reference (just revert the pbxproj file), it must point to the VERSION file in the CordovaLib project.

In later versions of PhoneGap, the dependency on the VERSION file was removed and the whole CordovaLib dependency handling was simplified by the bundled scripts which can update your Xcode project automatically.

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