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I'm working on an Android project using Eclipse. The project contains multiple modules connecting to a central core, and it would make sense to organise them into subpackages, e.g.

com.example.myapp -- containing core classes and activities

com.example.myapp.module1 -- classes and activities pertaining to module 1

com.example.myapp.module2 -- classes and activities pertaining to module 2

and so on. Since each module cannot work independently, everything is included in a single Eclipse project.

Now, it would be great to organise the resources into separate packages as well. At the moment all of my layouts and drawables are precompiled into com.example.myapp.R.

Is there any way to organise the project so that Eclipse would automatically put resources for module 1 into com.example.myapp.module1.R etc.?

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com.example.myapp.module2.SomeClass are Java package names and you can freely choose them for every class. You don't even need to start with com.example.myapp.

But com.example.myapp.R is generated from the package name defined in your AndroidManifest.xml and that is fixed since that package name identifies your app and resources belong to the app. There is as far as I know no way to split that somehow into further packages (if you keep it in one project).

However if you use library projects to include in your app it might be possible that you can have different .Rs.

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