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Are there any good C# Silverlight Graphics or Game engines currently? I am planning to create a game with it (either 2d or 3d) but are there already usable frameworks or should I expect to have to build everything myself?

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At the moment, probably the most well known graphics engine is:


Managed GameEngine with both 2D and 3D support targetting Silverlight 2/3, Xna and OpenGL.

There is also:


Kit3D is a 3D graphics engine for Microsoft Silverlight.

As far as Game Engines go, there is:

PlayBits Engine Although PlayBits is not yet available, and will not be free.

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If you're targeting both XNA and Silverlight for 2D games you can use the SilverSprite library at http://silversprite.codeplex.com and it may also be useful if you're used to a traditional game loop and draw calls.

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For simple games it is fairly easy to make you own game Silverlight game engine. This tutorial here shows you how to get started.

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Probably the most enhanced 3D engine for Silverlight so far is Silvermotion

It has some quite impressive demos and looks more like a high tech DirectX engine than the usual stuff and runs quite well.

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