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I am trying to implement the openCV library on ios, however at compile, xcode is throwing an odd error from one of the openCV headers.

The code in question is:

Vector(const Vector& d, const Range& r)
    if( r == Range::all() )
        r = Range(0, d.size());

    if( r.size() > 0 && r.start >= 0 && r.end <= d.size() )
        if( d.hdr.refcount )
            CV_XADD(d.hdr.refcount, 1);
        hdr.refcount = d.hdr.refcount;
        hdr.datastart = d.hdr.datastart; = + r.start;
        hdr.capacity = hdr.size = r.size();

and the 4th line: r = Range(0, d.size()); --- returns the error "No viable overloaded '='.

I tried googling for a solution, but have only found one other thread noting this problem with openCV that suggested switching from Apple LLVM to LLVM GCC, however this doesn't really help me because it breaks the rest of my project.

If it is any help, the inline function used on the right side of the assignment in question, it is defined as:

inline Range::Range(int _start, int _end) : start(_start), end(_end) {}

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Is Range reserved in another library/header you are using? – FaddishWorm Aug 24 '12 at 16:00
The openCV header is the only non-stock header I am importing. Also, if I try to reference Range in my calling .mm file, it suggests I need to type it cv::Range, so I don't think it is defined anywhere else. – Dan Collins Aug 24 '12 at 16:12
take the precompiled OpenCV.framework from the official site and you're done – sammy Aug 24 '12 at 18:18

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