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The Java FX Scen Builder contains quite a special form of a toggle button. Several Buttons are visually concatenated and separated by a small vertical line:

enter image description here

I wonder how this is done. Does somebody have any idea?

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It's an HBox of ToggleButton's all with the same ToggleGroup and custom css.

There is an example with source code of displaying a similar control group in the Ensemble sample application (which Ensemble terms a Pill Button). The Ensemble sample source license is BSD I think, so you should be able to use it in your app. Go to Ensemble, search for Pill in the Ensemble sample app, click on the "Save NetBeans Project..." button on the Pill Button sample and open the resultant project in NetBeans, full code, css and supporting image files will be included in the project.

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@Daniel I think you'll find that all of it is accomplished with styles. My memory is that the fancy angle/arrow button in the Ensemble breadcrumb is achieved using CSS declared SVG paths. –  Simeon Fitch Dec 28 '12 at 19:52

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