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During development of my Backbone.js app - I've noticed a lot of boilerplate code in my views, so I've decided to search for a Model Binder library,

Best option seems to be: Backbone.ModelBinder

...but the problem is that it doesn't allow me to switch from the default "blur" event into "keyup" for the content-editable inputs.

I've tried to modify the source code of the library, but it kind-of ignores my 2 changes from "blur" into "keyup" for content-editable fields and still falls back onto the "blur" event.

Has anyone experienced similar issue or perhaps can help me out with this?

Thanks a lot.

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Where did you changed that in the source code?

I've tried to edit the two lines as seen in this commit and it works...

    _bindViewToModel:function () {
        $(this._rootEl).delegate('', 'change keyup', this._onElChanged);
        // The change event doesn't work properly for contenteditable elements - but blur does
        $(this._rootEl).delegate('[contenteditable]', 'blur keyup', this._onElChanged);

    _unbindViewToModel: function(){
            $(this._rootEl).undelegate('', 'change keyup', this._onElChanged);
            $(this._rootEl).undelegate('[contenteditable]', 'blur keyup', this._onElChanged);
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I've only changed in the content-editable lines and replaced blur by keyup, that is superb!!!! Thanks!! –  alchemication Aug 24 '12 at 17:30

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