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We have a Netezza table that contains dates stored in a numeric YYYYMMDD format (eg 20090731).

What is the best Netezza syntax to use to convert this into date format?


SELECT somefunction(20090731) as NZDATE


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Easiest way to convert number to date would be

select  date(to_char(20090731,'99999999')) as Number_As_DATE;
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to_date (sk_dim_time ,'YYYYMMDD')
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You can use this one as it's the best one.

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My efforts were thwarted originally due to invalid dates. The code bellow does work as long as you wrap it in a statement to catch bad dates.

select  to_date(substring(20090731 from 1 for 8),'YYYYMMDD') as NZDATE

Obviously 20090731 should be replaced with the name of the numeric variable.

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