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On the Windows Azure website, in the pricing section, there are several sliders you can use to get an estimate of what your package would cost. This includes one slider for the size of your SQL databases and one slider for the amount of databases you want. This makes me wonder, can you buy SQL databases of different sizes, or does Microsoft make you buy all the same size? After search this problem on Google I didn't find anything relevant to my question. Thanks.

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Each database may be a different size. You can set a limit, as well as web vs business edition. Web edition provides 100MB, 1GB, and 5GB limits, whereas business edition db's start at 10GB and go up to 150GB.

Note that you may have multiple servers as well. I believe the limit for number of databases per server is 150 (including master db). All databases within a server are in the same data center (since you choose which data center to have the server reside).

EDIT One more thing: If you want to see how to set max size for a given database, with a bit of T-SQL, take a look at the answer I posted on another SO question, here.

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Thanks! I think I should just hire you as my mentor lol. –  Bob Aug 24 '12 at 17:55
I just updated the answer for you, to point you to instructions for changing db size via T-SQL. –  David Makogon Aug 24 '12 at 17:57

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