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I want to change the colors of LineChar symbols, currently the color are automatically asigned by JavaFX when i add a new series to the graph.

It will be also nice if i can change the line type, i want to have some symbols with doted lines others with solid lines.

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possible duplicate of How to set specific color to JavaFX XYChart.Series? – assylias Aug 24 '12 at 17:54
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There is a detailed answer in How to set specific color to JavaFX XYChart.Series?

For my use case that use dynamic series, i end up with something like:

String seriesClass = null;
for(String styleClass : series.getNode().getStyleClass())
        for(javafx.scene.Node n : _chart.lookupAll("." + seriesClass))
             n.setStyle("-fx-stroke-dash-array: 10 10");

Here the style just change line types , but you can also update other CSS properties.

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