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I have a string for example:

MatchString = "Renal and Dialysis Technologist and Technician"

I have a table that has a field called degree_name

As an example one of the degree names may be Dialysis Technician.

I want to try to find degrees that contain a number of the words from the MatchString above - maybe like 2 or 3 matches - is there an easy way to do this in mysql - if so what would the code look like?


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I know nothing about it, but when it comes to matching non-exact results, I've always assumed that Sphinx was the way to go. But I could be way off... –  Travesty3 Aug 24 '12 at 18:02
Using MySQL's Full-Text Search Functions, you could do something like WHERE MATCH(degree_name) AGAINST 'Renal and Dialysis Technologist and Technician'. –  eggyal Aug 24 '12 at 18:02
sorry for the confusion - when i mean 2 or 3 matches i mean 2 or 3 words match the original MatchString - not 2 or 3 records –  99823 Aug 24 '12 at 18:04

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You will be getting good results with a full text search in boolean mode. First make sure your table is MyISAM, with a full text index on degree_name. Then this query will return matches, and number of words matching your MatchString:

SELECT degree_name,
MATCH (degree_name)
AGAINST ('Renal and Dialysis Technologist and Technician' IN BOOLEAN MODE) FROM degrees
WHERE MATCH (degree_name)
AGAINST ('Renal and Dialysis Technologist and Technician' IN BOOLEAN MODE)
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I would use, WHERE LIKE 'Dialysis Technician%' that will give you a two word match. If you want three you would need to add additional words in the like. The % is looking for wildcards after the text so if you would like to see info from before Dialysis Technician if would need to look like this: WHERE LIKE '%Dialysis Technician'.

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