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Usually, I use F3 shortcut to navigate to a variable/method's definition in a project.

For an Android project, sometimes I want to navigate to a class defined in Android sdk, say Activity, the eclipse will open the class file for me since I attached the source code of Android. However, it stops there, I couldn't use F3 to navigate in the Android class file.

Anyone know how to navigate through the class file? Or any other way that allows me to dig into the source code?

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Edit: oops, I misunderstood you. Try browsing the source directory mentioned below.

I did it this way:

  1. open the Android SDK Manager
  2. download the Sources for Android SDK package for your API level
  3. in Eclipse open the properties of your project
  4. navigate to Java Build Path
  5. open the Libraries tab
  6. unfold the Android [version number here] item
  7. unfold android.jar in there
  8. click Source attachement
  9. hit the Edit button
  10. in the new window select External location
  11. hit the External Folder... button
  12. find the android-sdk-[your OS here]/sources/android-[API level here] folder. The Android SDK Manager is in android-sdk-[OS]/tools if that helps you.
  13. hit OK until all windows are closed.
  14. you should see source code now when hitting F3

Based on Eclipse 4.2 Juno, in case you use a different version, names & location can be different.

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You have two Ways 1. Attach source for the files that you are trying to look out, in this case download android source and attache it to the eclipse . 2 alternatively you can install decompiller and that will decompile from the class files ( it might not be actual source but indicative ) (search for JAD in case you want to use decompiler method )

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I've used the Android Sources plugin available from http://code.google.com/p/adt-addons/ (scroll down the page to the section Android Sources). It automatically attaches source code to the ADT libraries for all Android projects in your workspace.

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