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I have a static method with ref parameters in my legacy (untestable) dll. I am trying to write unit tests for a class that calls into this method.

public static class Branding

    static public bool GetBranding(Int32 providerId,
        Int32 employerId,
        string brandingElement,
        ref string brandingValue)


I need help writing a shim statement for this call

ShimBranding.GetBrandingInt32Int32StringStringRef = 
    ( providerId, employerId, element, { ====> WHAT GOES HERE <===== } )


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using (ShimsContext.Create())
    ShimBranding.GetBrandingInt32Int32StringStringRef =
        (int providerId, int employerId, string brandingElement, ref string brandingValue) =>
            brandingValue = "Blah";
            return true;
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