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WRT Any Future Plans for Multiline Java String.

How difficult is it to write a utility that does the following?

private String getQuery(String empid, String[] columns) {
  String query;
  SELECT ${columns}
  FROM Employees
  WHERE empid = ${empid}
  return query;

Of course, before I jump in front of the barrel, I should have asked - Is such a utility already available? If so, where?

The issue at hand is actually - how do I read the comments section in reflection during compile time. As an indication of my (dismal) level of familiarity with Reflection and annotation processing - the last time I used reflection was run-time to read methods. Is compile-time reflection possible?

Is anyone interested in sharing a google code project with me to do this? May be there is already an apache project afoot?

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Why would anyone vote this question down? – Blessed Geek Aug 24 '12 at 19:11
This underscores why my question needed to be voted down for mixing up the two. - At compile time = Annotation Processors. Whereas, run-time = reflection. Thanks for prompting me thro the down vote. – Blessed Geek Aug 24 '12 at 20:56
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I came across this a while ago, never used it myself, but I think its what you are looking for

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