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I'm new to JSON and not that familiar with jQuery.

I have been trying to get the $.getJSON function to work for hours now, and it won't. Here's my setup:

ajax.php file:


$dbcon = new connection();

$actions = new action($dbcon);

if (isset($_GET['action'])) {

switch ($_GET['action']) {

    case 'getstates':
        header('Content-Type: application/json');
        echo json_encode($actions->liststates());



scripts.js file:


    var value = $(this).val();


        //What CODE TO PUT HERE?




actions.class.php - this is the liststates class:

public function liststates(){

    $states = array(
        'DC'=>"District Of Columbia", 
        'NH'=>"New Hampshire",
        'NJ'=>"New Jersey",
        'NM'=>"New Mexico",
        'NY'=>"New York",
        'NC'=>"North Carolina",
        'ND'=>"North Dakota",
        'RI'=>"Rhode Island", 
        'SC'=>"South Carolina", 
        'SD'=>"South Dakota",
        'WV'=>"West Virginia", 

    return $states;


and here is the JSON that the page outputs:

{"AL":"Alabama","AK":"Alaska","AZ":"Arizona","AR":"Arkansas","CA":"California","CO":"Colorado","CT":"Connecticut","DE":"Delaware","DC":"District Of Columbia","FL":"Florida","GA":"Georgia","HI":"Hawaii","ID":"Idaho","IL":"Illinois","IN":"Indiana","IA":"Iowa","KS":"Kansas","KY":"Kentucky","LA":"Louisiana","ME":"Maine","MD":"Maryland","MA":"Massachusetts","MI":"Michigan","MN":"Minnesota","MS":"Mississippi","MO":"Missouri","MT":"Montana","NE":"Nebraska","NV":"Nevada","NH":"New Hampshire","NJ":"New Jersey","NM":"New Mexico","NY":"New York","NC":"North Carolina","ND":"North Dakota","OH":"Ohio","OK":"Oklahoma","OR":"Oregon","PA":"Pennsylvania","RI":"Rhode Island","SC":"South Carolina","SD":"South Dakota","TN":"Tennessee","TX":"Texas","UT":"Utah","VT":"Vermont","VA":"Virginia","WA":"Washington","WV":"West Virginia","WI":"Wisconsin","WY":"Wyoming"}

can someone please help me list all the states from the JSON output?


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So you're doing an AJAX GET call, and expecting json data to be returned? – Matt Aug 24 '12 at 19:29
Is $.getJSON not working or do you need help displaying the returned object? Or both? – MrOBrian Aug 24 '12 at 19:32
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Assuming the json is retrieved properly and processed by jquery, then it's just another javascript data structure, and you loop over it to build your states list, eg:

$.each(data, function(key, val) {
    $('#kirky').append(key + ': ' + val + '<br />');
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thanks, this worked perfectly. – Roger Williams Aug 24 '12 at 19:37

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