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I have a Phonegap and I having a issue when comparing an string that is read from a file encoded as UTF-8 in sdcard and an constant stored in the program. In file I am reading "model"(UTF-8) == "model"(stored in js file) is FALSE!. Has anyone faced a problem like this?.


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are you sure there isn't an extra white space on the UTF-8 string? –  Claudio Redi Aug 24 '12 at 19:37
Yes, we had also trimmed each string and its the same. –  DCaballero Aug 24 '12 at 19:39

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The strings cannot be exactly what you say they are. If they are indeed UTF-8, spell 'model' (pretty much fits in the ascii range) then they would be identical.

The next step I would take is just analyze both strings byte-for-byte. And when you extend your question with all the information, include the actual code and perhaps a hexdump of the data you're trying to read.

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Maybe try something like this

function encode_utf8( s )
  return unescape( encodeURIComponent( s ) );

function decode_utf8( s )
  return decodeURIComponent( escape( s ) );
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