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I am having a strange problem compiling a new kernel for a board I'm using...

I simply have to call a ./makeall.sh script to compile everything, so I'm not in control of flags. A coworker has already built this successfully.

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit.

The problem is:

In file included from base.h:26,
             from mod_flv_streaming.c:1:
keyvalue.h:56: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'pcre'
keyvalue.h:61: warning: struct has no members

I see this often, and another line complains about not finding /usr/include/pcre.h

I have the following lilbraries installed, and pcre.h does exist in /usr/include:

  • libpcre3-dev
  • libpcre++-dev
  • libpcrecpp0

Of course the runtimes are also installed (remove the -dev)

Any advice? I'm out of ideas.

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This was related to a weird situation where Ubuntu 10.04 had:

/bin/sh -> /bin/dash


/bin/sh -> /bin/bash

led to a successful compile.

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