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I'm trying to create a GUI project using WxPython. I want to know where I can get the full tutorial for Wx Python. I checked the tutorial on Zetcode but I'm sure it doesn't covering everything.

Where I can view something similar to MSDN library?

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There is no full tutorial for every single widget in wxPython. The zetcode tutorial shows a lot of the basics though. And if you download the wxPython demo, you'll have 99% of the widgets in a demo form. You can also check out my listing of good wxPython documentation sources:

I wrote that before the Phoenix docs came out, so you might want to check those out too if you're using Phoenix or 2.9:

I cover a bunch of various odds and ends in wxPython on my blog too.

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Realistically, when I need to solve one of my own problems or if I'm looking for documentation to back up an SO answer I'm writing I find myself consulting Mike's blog A LOT. I wanted to add though that when I'm looking for sample code I find AnotherTutorial to be very helpful since it covers a wide range of widgets (although it is a bit daunting to read in its entirety. I do a search for the widget I need). It says it's for Linux but 99% of the code is OS independent. – acattle Aug 25 '12 at 1:39
I'm pretty sure that the "AnotherTutorial" is a version of the zetcode tutorial. I think the author of zetcode put it on the wiki first, then spruced it up a bit for her own website. But as I mentioned, the wxPython demo is probably the closest that you'll get to a tutorial on every widget. – Mike Driscoll Aug 27 '12 at 13:31

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