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I have the class Player

@interface Player : NSObject{...}
-(int) setAttack:(int)MonsterNumber;
-(int) setAttack:(int)MonsterNumber{...
return damage;

However, when I run this program I get the error "Player.h:28:1: error: type of setter must be void [3]" I get this error 3 times.

Thank you for the help :-)

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The Cocoa pattern is that setters return (void) always. You really don't want to do otherwise. Define a damage getter or @property. Or rename the method to something descriptive of what it does:

- (int) damageForAttack:(int)attack;

I was surprised the compiler warned about it. I wasn't able to reproduce the warning.

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Thanks :) that worked :D –  Andyrewwer Aug 27 '12 at 20:44

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