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I'm currently looking around for control library for some WPF development and the "Telerik RadControls for WPF" certainly look the part although they are very expensive at $999 for a full developer license with support.

My question is, has anyone out there used them in anger on a real project and what has their experience been like? If I want to use these controls I will have to justify the high price so any thoughts on value for money would also be appreciated.

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Until 31 July (TODAY!) if you are a MSDN subscriber you can have a free license


so you can check by yourself.

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thanks - just downloaded them –  Steve Jul 31 '09 at 17:22

I do not like Telerik controls. The learning curve is very steep and the time you waste finding workarounds for their many deficiencies could be better spent rolling your own or reworking jQuery or other open source controls. I will eventually remove all Telerik products from all of my projects.

Their controls rarely work out-of-the-box. Documentation is abundundant, but also in my opinion very poor. Thousands of posts can be found about the problems users have. I have reported several bugs to Telerik on released versions of their RichTextBox. They have very good support for registered users and YOU WILL NEED IT!

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+1 Couldn't agree more. –  Ronnie Overby Oct 7 '13 at 19:20
reworking jQuery o_O This question is about WPF controls from Telerik.. based on this I won't consider your opinion at all.. –  Harsh Baid Dec 14 '13 at 13:14
We bought the full package almost a year ago. We were new to WPF so we had to learn everything and their support helped us a lot. We find their controls intuitive and they respect MS coding guidelines well. Theming is also cool we didn't loose time working on design and it does the job. They are also performant and can work on XP...:-) –  sgissinger Aug 7 at 12:53

I use Telerik's stuff daily, and the company I work for has been a customer of theirs for a couple years now.

The "worth" of Telerik's control library is directly related to how quickly you need a project done vs. how much knowledge you already have of WPF. If you don't care about cosmetics or walking outside the standard behavior of the controls built into .Net, then it's probably not worth it. However, if that's not the case, you need to evaluate how much it will take (in terms of time, money and resources taken away from other projects) to build fancy controls in-house. This is the main decision why the company I work for invested in it. It was simply more cost effective to "outsource" the UI components to Telerik. Telerik thrives mostly by providing that gap of knowledge between Win Form programming and WPF that most teams new to WPF do not have.

If you have a solid understanding of WPF in terms templates and styles, most of the Telerik controls do not offer you anything that you couldn't accomplish on your own with a little inheritance and template/style customization.

There are some exceptions though. The grid control, for example, is worth the money. It's a work-horse loaded with features that you would normally take a signficant amount of time and effort to implement on your own.

That aside, there are some gotchas to investing in Telerik. As another poster here mentioned, they generally have good support. I believe the support folks genuinely want to help the people that contact them. However, you will find that they are frequently apologizing for things and offering work-arounds. I've seen a few situations where behavior bugs are re-introduced every other release. Sometimes I wonder if they are so eager to appease their customers, they find themselves in a loop of breaking code for one customer to fix something for another.

They release quarterly, so you are held hostage to bugs until those releases. And often times, you will feel like you are "free labor" to their beta testing because your investment in their controls demands it.

Upgrading their components is a game of russian roulette. Always back-up and have a roll-back strategy when you upgrade their components. Be prepared to spend a few days fixing things that break, or working through your customizations to eliminate any weird behaviors that are introduced. If you minimize the amount of customizations you stack on top of their controls, generally the smoother the upgrading will be.

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I've dealt with Syncfusion, Devexpress and Xceed in the past and this could very easily be an accurate description of any of them. It's really the price you pay for third-party controls; there is no free lunch. I will say, however, that my experiences with Telerik support have been at least as good as (and in some cases better than) the other vendors out there. –  DavidN Mar 25 '11 at 14:30
Oh man, Syncfusion... it drove me litteraly nuts when I was on a Winforms team. –  Baboon Jan 17 '12 at 17:08

I used the telerik trial for WPF and Winforms.

The experience was very nice, the gridview control has some laks in the WPF versions, but worked fine anyway. This was six month ago, so maybe the newer versions are better.

I wanted to adquire the pack, but my boss said that It was a little expensive.

While we was working, we upgrade from a trial version to a newer one, and things that were working properly did not work after the upgrade, so be carefull with it.

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You can find out with 10,000 hitpoints...


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this is tantamount to spamming –  Steve Jan 19 '10 at 14:17
Thanks Steve, that's a helpful comment and useful downvote. I thought it might be useful for people on SO who have 10k or nearly 10k hitpoints to find out for themselves and maybe offer reviews. I don't see how it is spamming. Spamming means I send an unsolicited email. I am not an employee of telerik, nor amd I sending unsolicited email. –  Tim Jan 19 '10 at 15:45

Prior to using Telerik grids....I used Sybase DataWindows. My experience with the RadGridView, that I've been working intensely with for 3 years now, has made my appreciation even greater for the Sybase DataWindow. The DW control is the best grid on the planet hands down....fast, easy, efficient. The RadGridView and the MultiColumnComboBox are deeply nested, highly cryptic, non-intuitive, memory intensive and have a steep learning curve. Built in animation can ruin performance. Even a simple copy/paste can blow up a MCCB. They are tedious to format as well. In contrast the DW is a breeze compared to these!!! Only one problem, Sybase was bought by SAP in Germany and PowerBuilder now costs $3300/seat and SAP trashed the DW.Net product that worked great with Visual Studio....it's no longer available. This is a huge loss for the development community...but the decision had zero to do with the point of all these programs....to produce RAD app deployment. It's all about cash and nothing to do with efficiency!

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Besides great controls you will experience outstanding support. There is more value in the collection (another 300 bugs more but you get 6 products inlcuding ORM).

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