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A test user on Facebook has a default email address as the primary email address, in addition to a address which routes to their Facebook Messages inbox.

I've tried to set the address as primary, since I wish to quickly check sent sample emails in their Facebook Messages inbox. However, I'm not allowed to do so [which makes sense, I guess, because the primary email id is supposed to be a non-FB one].

It's tiring to create a new email account for every test user [can't reuse the same email address, because Facebook complains that it's already being used for an account]

So I have two questions:

  1. Where can emails sent to addresses be accessed?
  2. How should I go about setting up distinct primary email accounts for my test users? [I know I could set up distinct GMail accounts and fwd them to my own, but that seems like a lot of work.]
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Why do you need the test users to have reachable email addresses on Facebook's side?

You could just email arbitrary email addresses at a domain you control if you want to test how the emails look when sent out, or change the test users' email addresses to if your domain supports wildcard addresses like that

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That requires changing the default email address on a test users account - which is a lot of work. I wanted something that tests out the entire flow, without me having to add special code that changes email addresses for test users. I finally resorted to using Mailcatcher – Vighnesh Nov 1 '12 at 7:39
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I finally resorted to using Mailcatcher. This ensures that I don't have any special logic in my app for test users and it allows me to immediately test how the email looks under html/text formatting.

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If i log in as a test user for one of my apps, the “info” section of their profile shows 100003… as their contact email – so the basic address (userid since they have no username set).

And when I write an email to that address, immediately afterwards a new message notification shows up for the browser window that I’m “logged into” with this test account.

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Hmm.. in my case, the email address is not default. I finally resorted to using Mailcatcher. – Vighnesh Nov 1 '12 at 7:37
Oh yeah - it also does not allow me to set the primary email address to the Facebook one. Not sure if this is something peculiar to my experience though. – Vighnesh Nov 1 '12 at 7:41

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