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I'm current building a fairly simple webapp using Spring Roo. It seems, however, that Spring apps by default deploy to "/{app name}", rather than "/" as the top level directory. That is, controllers are mapped by "/{app name}/person", rather than just "/person". After poking around considerably, I couldn't see where this would be fixed. Is it a setting somewhere?

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Hi Aaron, as you are new to StackOverflow, I have a little hint for you: It is much more likely to get an answer fast, if you phrase your question as a question and if you include all names in it. So it would be better not to use "it" in the question, if possible. For example: `How can I change the Spring Roo "Base" URL?". Just a minor hint. – Martin Thoma Aug 25 '12 at 8:57

The base path is defined by the application server, not the application itself. In the pom.xml, overwrite the following plugins:

maven-war-plugin - mvn package, mvn tomcat:run-war

                <!-- exclude test files from war package -->

tomcat-maven-plugin - mvn tomcat:run


org.mortbay.jetty - mvn jetty:run

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Assuming your Spring Roo application runs on Apache Tomcat, what you can do is to configure the Tomcat Root context.

You can do this in following ways.

  1. Define a ROOT.xml context file in conf/Catalina/localhost
  2. Name your webapp WAR “ROOT.war” or containing folder “ROOT”

More information can be found on the following link.



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