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I' following the Ruby on Rails Tutorial. After I created an user, i destroyed it with destroy method, then i use find to check if it still exist, my console return exactly like the tutorial, but with some errors.
This is error image: enter image description here

Here i created a user called "abc" with id: 7, then i destroyed and use User.find(7) to find user.

I installed rails with rvm and created gemset named 1.9.3@rails3tutorial2endEd. I searched but don't know what this is problem, can anybody help? Thanks so much.

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That's normal. Since the record does not exist anymore, you would get ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound

If you wanted to return nil instead. You could try something like

User.where(:id => 51).exists?

which will return true or false.

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Destroyed users cannot be found, since they no longer exist.

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yes, it's returned, but i want to ask what is "from /home/...."? why it appears, what's wrong here? – Kien Thanh Aug 24 '12 at 21:05
Nothing's wrong. That's part of what is called the stack trace. The lines at the top of the stack trace ("from /home/... in find_one") are the most recent calls. – JD. Aug 24 '12 at 21:17

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